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Conference Day 1 5 May 2023

08:30 - 09:30

Welcome coffee and registration

Session 1:
Welcome to Helsinki EMSP2023

Master of Ceremony: Bettina Hausmann - Past interim CEO EMSP​


 Herbert Temmes - President EMSP ​

Helena Ylikyla-Leiva - CEO of ​Neuro-Liitto ​

Session 2:
Social policy IS how we build caring societies


Elisabeth Kasilingam - CEO EMSP​

Emma Rogan - Campaigns and External Engagement Coordinator at EMSP

Session 3:
Employment and workplace health with people living with chronic illnesses

Speaker: Prof. Anthony Woolf - Co-chair of the ​Global Alliance for Musculoskeletal ​Health​

Session 4:
Employment and workplace health for people living with MS - a national perspective

Speaker: Suvi-Maaria Tepora-Niemi - Researcher at ​Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare​

10:30 - 10:45

Coffee break - Poster session

Session 5:
EMSP-euRIMS joint session - Employment in MS and the role of Rehabilitation

Moderator: Dr. Giampaolo Brichetto - President of RIMS​


Daphne Kos - Past President of RIMS

Marju Teinikivi - Working life specialist

Session 6:
Overcoming the challenges in Employment and MS - a multistakeholder perspective

Moderator: Emma Rogan


  • Prof. Anthony Woolf - Co-chair of the Global Alliance for Musculoskeletal ​Health​
  • Suvi-Maaria Tepora-Niemi - Researcher at Finnish Institute ​for Health and Welfare​
  • Julia Anttilainen - Researcher at the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health
  • Bettina Hausmann - Past interim CEO EMSP
  • Jan Van Amstel - President of Dutch MS Society​
Session 7:
Satellite session: MS biomarkers: a window into our biology

How biomarkers are used in our day-to-day healthcare services, and the critical role they play in determining our health and well-being.

12:30 - 14:00

Networking Lunch - Poster session

Session 8:
Marginalisation and Social Inclusion: The impact of MS and chronic illness on participation in society

Moderator: Bettina Hausmann


Heikki Hiilamo - Professor of social policy at the University ​of Helsinki​

 Izabela Litewska - PhD, Expert in Social Inclusion​


 Amandeep Donna Nahal - Advocate - Social ​exclusion, people with MS​

Tania Pilz - Young Person with MS

15:00 - 15:30

Coffee break 

Session 9:
Satellite Session: Navigating Motherhood with MS: Empowering Choices & Bridging Knowledge Gaps
Session 10:
Family, parenthood and MS

Moderator: Bettina Hausmann

Speaker: Prof. Elisabeth G. Celius - Adjunct Professor Department of Neurology, University of Oslo​


  • Piet Eelen - Clinical Nurse Specialist MS​
  • Aoife Kirwan - Person with MS, Irish MS ​Society​
  • Kertu Tuuling - Person with MS, ​Estonian MS Society​
Session 11:
Highlights Day 1

Moderator: Bettina Hausmann

17:10 - 17:30

MS Data Alliance Fellowship Award Ceremony

Presented by: 

Herbert Temmes - President EMSP ​

Liesbet Peeters - Professor


Gala Dinner

Speaker: Herbert Temmes

A concert of Jonna Pirttijoki - a finnish performer

Conference Day 2 6 May 2023


Opening of the Conference

Session 12:
Just do IT!

Speaker: Chris Wright - Professional Basketball Player, person with MS

09:30 - 09:35

Impact of Multiple Sclerosis Survey: Launch of the Project

Speaker: Patricia Moghames - Program coordinator EMSP

Session 13:
Satellite Session - Understanding science of MS Care

How understanding complex science in layperson terms yields the ability to effectively talk about these experiences, and can lead to more targeted and relevant social policies to improve the lives of people with MS.   

Session 14:
Social Care and Long-Term Care for people with MS

Moderator: Emma Rogan - Campaigns and External Engagement Coordinator​

Speaker: Dr. Alessandra Solari - Neurologist in the Scientific Directorate at the Fondazione IRCCS Istituto Neurologico C. Besta


  • Merja Vettenranta-Pohjanlehto - Chief of Helsinki Service House, Neuroliitto
  •  Amandeep Donna Nahal - Adjusting to Social care provision in your life
  • Prof. Sascha Köpke - Institute of Nursing Science - University of Cologne
  • Yolanda Higueras - Neuropsychologist, treating people with MS
Session 15:
Satellite session - Embracing Carers

Introduction to Embracing carers: how the pandemic affected carers in MS.

11:00 - 11:30

Coffee break - Poster session

Session 16:
Social care supports and network

Moderator: Emma Rogan

Speaker: Naja Skouw-Rasmussen - Innovation Lead at the European Hemophilia Consortium Think Tank

12:30 - 14:00

Networking Lunch

Session 17:
WORKSHOP 1: Social protection and social inclusion

Moderators: Izabela Litewska and Simina Peterfi

Session 18:
WORKSHOP 2: Act now to ensure appropriate, affordable and sustainable Long-Term Care for people with MS

Moderators: Emma Rogan and Elisabeth Kasilingam

Session 19:
Make 2024 count! Tools for Change for Improved Social policies
Session 20:
Highlights and closing of EMSP2023


Jana Hlavacova - Interim CEO of EMSP

Helena Ylikyla-Leiva - CEO of NeuroLiitto


End of the day

Farewell Coffee


17:00 - 18:30

Bus tour of the city of Helsinki

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